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Distance from downtown: 20 km by Morro da Lagoa.
Distance from the airport: 23 km by Rio Tavares.
Nearby beaches: Joaquina, Praia Mole, Galheta and Moçambique.
Neighborhood: Barra da Lagoa.

Barra da Lagoa has several food and lodging options. The expressive local community takes on the duty of keeping a large part of the services functional all year round.

Officially, the beach of Barra da Lagoa is 650m long, however it is connected to Moçambique beach, which extends for more than 8km, giving the opportunity for providing long walks on the fine, white sands. The sea has gentle waves that allow surfing and don't intimidate less confidant swimmers. In addition, there is a lifeguard station.

Another attraction is the Ponte Pênsil bridge that passes over the Barra Channel. On the other side, a small trail winds through the community's cottages granting access to Prainha, a small bay enclosed by enormous rocks and archeological sites.

Don't miss:
- The chance to walk over the sand, to the neighboring, practically deserted beach, Moçambique.
- Barra da Lagoa is an excellent place for learning to surf.
- The trail to Prainha.
- The Lighthouse Trail.

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