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Distance from the center: 38 km.
Nearby beaches: Ponta das Canas, Lagoinha, Ingleses, Cachoeira do Bom Jesus.

The beach faces the ocean and is characterized by strong surf, a hole covered bottom, and strong undertow, Brava's beach escapes the calm pattern of the Island's North beaches and attracts professional and amateur surfers from all over the country. It also has one of the most active night scenes of the beaches of Florianopolis, with high-end condominiums built around it.

Brava is surrounded by hills and the access road passes a lookout which offers a beautiful paradise-like panoramic view of the beach. During high season, car traffic is intense and causes traffic jams, especially at the end of the afternoon.

The beach has faced some sanitation problems resulting in a shortage of freshwater in the area and some inappropriate bathing spots. You can check The Bathing Availability Report that Guia Floripa keeps updated according to information released periodically by Fatma (Environmental Agency).

The area has good options for lodging, restaurants and bars that are mainly open during high season.

Don't miss:
The sunrise: Brava's geographic position affords beautiful images at dawn.


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