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Distance from the center: 26 km.
Nearby beaches: Armação, Lagoinha do Leste and Morro das Pedras.
Neighborhood: Armação.

Located between the beaches of Armação and Lagoinha do Leste, Matadeiro beach has no access for motor vehicles. This has preserved the lush vegetation of the area.

However, due to a pedestrian bridge linking it to Armacão, there are now quite a number of houses and bars on its waterfront.

Matadeiro beach, with a strip of sand about 1 kilometer long, is very popular with surfers due to the quality of the break.
The beach is accessible via a pedestrian bridge over Peri Lake's drainage canal. The easiest trail follows the coast, however it is worth the walk up the hill for an unforgettable view.

Don't Miss:
- The clear water is suitable for practicing freediving.
- The beach has bars that are a great option for a seaside beer or aperitif. Open hours vary according to the season.
- The sea grotto at Matadeiro beach is worth visiting. The locals tell of many legends: it is said to have been a center of energy , in addition to being a former home to the indigenous peoples, slaves and fugitives.
- The view from the top of the hill is indescribably beautiful.
- The trail to Lagoinha do Leste.


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