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Distance from the center: 13 km.
Distance from airport: 25 km.
Nearby beaches: Sambaqui, Cacupé.
Neighborhood: Santo Antônio de Lisboa.

Santo Antônio de Lisboa was one of the first Azorean communities established in Florianópolis during the 18th century. There is a great deal of history preserved in its streets and houses. The historical roots are maintained in the architectural design of the buildings and the local church, which is also the focal point for many exhibitions of local cultures, such as the Festa do Divino Espírito Santo (Divine Holy Spirit Fest), and the Terno dos Reis(The Three Kings).
The beach provides expansive views of the North Bay and the continent, however the water is usually considered inappropriate for bathing.
The calm, traditional neighborhood has few lodging options. Traditional fishing methods are still common and the shellfish and oyster farms supply various local restaurants, offering wonderful food services.

Don't Miss:
- Local workmanship: there are stores of typical Island handicrafts and there is a fair in the main square on weekends.
- Visit the church Igreja Nossa Senhora das Necessidades, built in a typical 18th century baroque style.
- It is possible to watch some of the traditional fishing methods.


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