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Distance from downtown: 27 km
Distance from the airport: 39 km
Beaches nearby: Jurerê, Cachoeira do Bom Jesus, Ponta das Canas and Praia Brava.

When the Azoreans founded the settlement of São Francisco de Paula das Cana Vieiras in 1754, they probably never imagined it would become one of the busiest places in Florianópolis.

Natural beauty, complete facilities and bilingual customer service at most establishments makes Canasvieiras the favorite resort for Latin American tourists in Florianópolis. It is also the most popular destination of many Brazilians.

Located in the northern portion of Santa Catarina Island, the beach of just over 2 km looks out to the Island of Francês and is one of the leading resorts in Southern Brazil.

The blue-green, waters have few waves and temperatures between 23ºC and 26ºC in the summer. The strip of fine white sand is narrow and on the hottest days it's best to arrive early to secure a spot. There are beach chairs, kayaks and other items for rent. Leisure options for the entire family include: banana-boat, schooner and diving excursions. There are areas for soccer, volleyball and paddleball, as well as a playground for children.

The center of the village is like a small city. It has a police station, public health clinic, a 24-hour supermarket, a strip mall, car rentals, banks, post office and travel agencies. For those who want to enjoy themselves without stepping on the sand, there is a bingo hall in the summer.

Gastronomically, Canasvieiras offers steakhouses, pasta restaurants, traditional local seafood, international cuisine, snack bars, pastry shops and ice-cream parlors. During the summer there is also a McDonald's kiosk.

There are also many hotels in the village. Tourists can choose from luxury hotels, pleasant bed and breakfasts or private houses for rent. For the more thrifty, there are hostels and camping areas.

At night, there is no lack of entertainment: There are a variety of bars and restaurants with live music and nightclubs.

Useful information for Argentine tourists:
Argentine Consulate
Address: Rua Germano Wendhausen, 273 - 1st floor - Downtown.
Telephone: (0 xx 48) 3024-3035

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