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Distance from downtown: 36 km
Distance from the airport: 45 km
Nearby beaches: Cachoeira do Bom Jesus, Ponta das Canas, Praia Brava and Santinho

Although it is very popular with tourists, Ingleses maintains the traditions of its Azorean settlers. During the summer, it is the resort with the second largest concentration of Argentine tourists, second only to Canasvieiras. In winter, mullet fishing, religious festivals and folklore performances express the "manezinho" culture.

The beach is the main tourist spot in the area. Nearly five kilometers long, the narrow strip of sand is washed by the open sea with blue waters and moderate waves. In summer, the average water temperature is 22ºC guaranteeing a pleasant swim. The waves never get too large but there are days when they are good for surfing. In colder months, schools of fish swim up the coast in search of warmer waters than those in Rio Grande do Sul in order to spawn, making fishing the main activity of Ingleses' traditional residents.

The dunes that separate Ingleses from Santinho are another natural attraction that shouldn't be missed. Sand-boarding is practiced there, a sport created in Florianopolis that consists of descending the dunes on a board, performing stunts or just enjoying the ride. All it takes is good balance and a rented board. Those who want a different excursion can walk over four kilometers of dunes. Just don't forget a water bottle.

Ingleses has a variety of options in food, lodging and services. Most establishments have attendants who speak Spanish.

Historic fact:

When Azoreans migrated to the city from 1747 - 1756, the difficult access to the furthest points of the island led the government to decentralize power and divide the Island into communities that later gave origin to districts. Ingleses was part of the São João Batista Community of Rio Vermelho, founded in 1831. The beach's name came from a ship that ran aground there. There are two hypotheses concerning the ship's destination. The first says it ran aground but was able to continue its course, leaving some crew members on the Island. The other says it was shipwrecked.

For Argentine tourists:

Between the months of December and February the Argentine Consulate also operates in Florianópolis.
Address: Avenida Rio Branco, 387, 5th floor, downtown.
Phone: 3216-8903.

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