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Located in a neighborhood with no beach and spanning an area of 21.3 hectares, Córrego Grande Ecological Park has a diversified infrastructure which offers the visitor another alternative in the area of leisure in Florianopolis. The park's great attraction lies in its interpretative trails. Flanked by native forest, the park has signposts and identification tags on approximately 100 tree species. These tags are made of metal and have a protective film cover to make them last longer. The reason for this is the important role they play in the park's Environmental Education Project. The park also has a trail which is adapted for the use of those with special needs. For those interested in finding out more about the flora and fauna, there are information kiosks and specialized guides available during working hours.

Sport, Culture and Leisure
Once you have done the trails, why not relax beside one of the two ponds? If the kids can't stay still, you have the option of the playground and toy house, as long as the child is accompanied by an adult. Sporting activities are also encouraged in the park. There is a kiosk from the Municipal Foundation of Sports and a multi-purpose court. The court is open to the public and all you need to do to use it is reserve beforehand. There are also Yoga and Tai Chi Chuan classes in the park with master Monica Santana giving Yoga class on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8h00 am and Tuesdays and Thursdays at 04h30 pm. Classes are free and, to join in, just bring a mat on which to exercise.

On Sundays, there are Tai Chi Chuan classes at 10 am. More information available by phone: (48) 3234-6049.

Environmental Education
The Municipal Foundation for the Environment - 'Floram' maintains a plant nursery and glasshouse for the research and cultivation of native seedlings. During the day, visitors are received by guides who explain the work done by Floram. Workshops in paper craftwork are also offered here. The purpose of the project is to encourage people to adopt the 3R's method (reduce, recycle and reuse) in their daily routines, starting with minor habit changes. The workshop is open to schools, elderly groups and non-governmental organizations, as well as the wider community. Already formed groups can arrange a visiting time by contacting 3234-6049 or 3338-0021. Individuals in the community interested in taking part in the project should register and wait for groups of ten students to be formed.

Rua João Pio Duarte Silva, 535 - Near UFSC Opening Hours: Daily from 07 am to 06 pm. During the summer, the park is open from 07 am to 07 pm.


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