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 Lagoinha do  Leste


 Morro das  Pedras


 Pântano do  Sul

 Ribeirão da  Ilha

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 Lagoinha do LesteIt’s in the south that the tourist find the rustic aspect of the life of the fishermen, truly nature paradises and landmarks of colonial history in places like Ribeirão da Ilha. In this region the tourist can also find a Praia do Campeche with its long passages of white sands, the beaches Morro das Pedras, Armação and Matadeiro and Lagoa do Peri and ecological reserves.

After going through tracks for the forest and for the hills, the tourist will discover the beaches of the Lagoinha do Leste and Naufragados a place where nature has been preserved of the action of the man, with ponds, mangrove swamps and native vegetation. Visit Pântano do Sul and appreciate the typical plates of the Island.


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