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Located in the southern portion of Santa Catarina Island, near Armação Beach, Lagoa do Peri is a must see for those visiting the Island. It is the largest fresh water lake on Santa Catarina's coast, extending over 5 km2. The surrounding area is forested and has beautiful trails leading to waterfalls and old colonial mills. The 23-square-kilometer area was transformed into the Lagoa do Peri Park in 1981, and is under the jurisdiction of the Municipal Environment Foundation (Floram). It is preserved as a Natural Heritage site under Municipal Decree no. 1828.

Well organized for those seeking tranquility, the lagoon is divided into three areas - one recreational, a nature preserve and the third with a "cultural landscape". The lake beach - for swimming, the trails, bathrooms, park administration offices, 80 barbecue pits, snack bar and restaurant, a 200-car parking lot and lifeguard station are all part of the recreational area. The nature preserve, one of the locations with the best preserved forest on the island - along with some hills in Costa da Lagoa - is used more for research. The cultural landscape offers an opportunity to visit a cassava flour and sugarcane mill.

There are also good entertainment options for children. In addition to the fresh water which is calm and ideal for bathing, there is a small park with a playground under giant eucalyptus trees, where children can play and have lots of fun. Excursions in kayaks and other non-motorized boats, as well as fishing with rod and reel are among the permitted activities.

For those who enjoy walking in the forest, there are three trails that circle the lake. The Saquinho Trail, which winds around the lake's north and northeast margins, offers a close contact with preserved Atlantic Forest and even remains of colonial mills. The Restinga Trail leads from the lake to Armação Beach through shrubs, pines and eucalyptus. The Gurita Trail is the longest and most attractive due to the stream and small waterfalls that visitors see along the way, inviting them for a refreshing dip.

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