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The whole region of 'Costa da Lagoa' was designated as an Area of Cultural Preservation by the municipality. It is considered one of the last outposts of Azorean culture, with a nucleus of fishermen and lacemakers that still live as their ancestors did.

This is made possible by its difficult access. To get to the Costa (coast) there are four options. The first is to get a small boat at the Public Transport Services part of the marina, beside the bridge in Lagoa's center. From there, it is a 40-minute trip along the left-hand side of the lagoon.

The second option is to get a boat from inside the Rio Vermelho Ecological Park. Access to this park is through a dirt road transversal to the main road. This time crossing the lagoon, it is just a 10-minute boat trip from the pier.

The third and fourth options are for the sports lovers. These are two walking trails that cut a path through the Atlantic Forest to the 'Costa da Lagoa'. One starting point is from the end of the main street of 'Canto dos Araças'. This trail is ten kilometers of relatively flat terrain and passes through an area of preserved forest. Setting out from 'Canto do Moreira' in Ratones, there is another trail which goes up over the hill and takes about 90 minutes to complete. These two options are also more cultural, as they take you through several little villages and old flour mills which are preserved as tourist attractions. For further information about the trails, please consult the Trails Guide website.


Essas últimas duas opções são também as mais culturais, uma vez que passam por diversas vilas e pelos antigos engenhos de farinha, preservados para ser atração turística. Para mais informações sobre a trilha, acesse o Guia de Trilhas.

Whichever trail you choose, the final destination is the center of Costa da Lagoa and its principal attraction is its numerous local home-cooking restaurants. In most of these restaurants, it is the local women who cook what the local fishermen have caught. The inexpensive prices come as a result of a combination of factors, such as the lack of infra-structure, the non-commercial ingredients and the family's labor.

Another attraction in Costa da Lagoa is the waterfall which is near the village. The icy water refreshes visitors on hot days but don't be startled because when there isn't much rain, the water level will be low.


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